We are fathom.

We help growth companies use digital technologies to drive efficiencies and scale the business.

Fathom’s CEO and co-founder Greg Cawley came from fintech where he led Global Services at UBS Corporate Banking in Switzerland before founding technology companies Traventec and TecSupport.

CTO and co-founder John McQuillan enjoyed a career in software engineering and engineering management before co-founding and leading OpenJaw Technologies as CEO until it was acquired by TravelSky, the leading provider of IT solutions to China’s aviation and travel industry.

Client Director Jonathan Dempsey’s career included leading secure documents company Digitary as CEO and heading Europe for a business unit of India’s largest company, Tata Consultancy Services.

We know how to support others in choosing the right technologies and in reducing risk.

We know how to develop, implement and run enterprise applications.

We can help you adopt and use digital technologies or change how you use them to realise their potential.

Fathom Office

We can help you experiment with emerging technologies and develop applications that are fit-for-purpose that you can integrate with your operations with peace of mind, supporting you to safely accelerate innovation.

Talk to us to see if we’re the sort of people you want along with you on your digital journey.


We love to talk about ideas, innovation, technology and just about anything else. Really, we love to talk.

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