We are fathom. We help companies experiment with and learn about emerging technologies without risk.

Fathom helps you to develop relevant use cases from your business, select and understand the appropriate technology and design and deliver solutions to demonstrate the potential impact. We are business and technology consultants, designers and developers with more than 50 years combined experience in travel product design and delivery.

We are independent, not tied to any technology stack, vendor or distributor.

We do not believe in technology for technolgy’s sake - we work with your business to find relevant and impactful use cases and applications for emerging technology.


We advocate but do not mandate open source. We can help you to set up your own inner sourcing program.

We leverage open source wherever possible. The projects we deliver can be taken in-house by your own teams. The software we develop for you remains your sole property. You can decide if it should be open sourced and we will help you to decide and to implement.


We love to talk about ideas, innovation, technogy and just about anything else. Really, we love to talk.

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