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DropETA Hailing service developed by Fathom

Fathom are pleased to announce the launch of the DropETA service, a service designed and engineered by Fathom. DropETA is a transport solution platform designed to cater for any business or individual sending large goods throughout Ireland and soon further afield. The platform/mobile application will focus on providing an online service that ultimately brings senders and transporters together in the most efficient way possible. Senders can post jobs and Transporters can bid on them. In Ireland alone, 35% of Heavy Good Vehicles (HGV’s) on the road are running empty. By reducing empty trips, freight efficiency will improve, leading to several benefits including reduced logistics costs, reduced congestion, and reduced carbon and air pollutants.

For senders, availing of empty trucks passing your door on a daily basis, you are not only saving money and time but you will be doing your part in helping to reduce Ireland’s carbon footprint. In addition, you get the added benefit of trusted, vetted and insured drivers. As far as transporters are concerned, it’s a no brainer. Whether you’re an owner-occupied vehicle driver or a multi-vehicle operator, having the opportunity to fill empty space, improve driver driving hours, reduce fuel costs and reduce carbon emissions, it’s a winning outcome.

“We wanted to make the process simple and as easy to use as the traditional ride hailing applications, yet build a process we can scale and take global. We decided to engage with Fathom as a trusted development partner , because of Fathom’s high calibre resources, their technological and entrepreneurial track record and their proven experience in AWS development and delivery.” – says Hugo Lord, Founder and CEO of DropETA.

Designed as Serverless, Fathom Consultants with expertise in AWS Lambda, NodeJS, AWS API Gateway, AWS Cognito and Progressive Web Apps worked to ensure the success of this project.


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