the future of fundraising

creating a captivating ICO platform

the future of fundraising

creating a captivating ICO platform

Helping companies understand how coin offerings work.


In 2017, the amount of capital raised by start-ups via so-called initial coin offerings (ICOs) surpassed early stage venture capital (VC) funding for internet companies.

The Brief

To help a client understand how coin offerings work, Fathom developed an Initial Coin Offering platform, a set of best practice process and workflow tools to allow clients manage the end to end steps involved in an ICO. The ICO portal includeds the ability to capture an ICO project details and rules, to auto generate the ICO website based on client supplied logos and colours. The solution supports registration of interest from investors, Know Your Customer (KYC) and Anti money Laundering (AML) workflow. In addition it supports the allocation, subscription and distribution of coins with complete audit trail on the blockchain.

The Technology

Fathom chose to implement this project on the Ethereum public Blockchain. Smart contracts were implemented in Solidity, the preferred high level language of Ethereum smart contracts. The actual token contracts were implemented using the ERC20 token standard. The front end applications were implemented using the React framework to create responsive Single Page Applications.


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